How I Work

My Inspiration comes from inside…and out!

Music always fills my work space, from Classical to Pop. I enter a zone of my own where absolutely nothing else exists apart from the canvas, the palette and my paintbrush. I am completely at peace during this creative process; at one with my environment, myself and the universe!

It can be considered a selfish occupation; a little escapist I guess! But it’s an exhilarating way to earn one’s living.

I enjoy the creative side only I’m ashamed to say, I battle somewhat with the business side of things. I believe we all have strengths and there are people out there who specialise in the business fields, which is why we need Agents to represent us to the Galleries, the Publishing Houses and Film Producers. However I am very fortunate to sell my work at our Africabana Guesthouse.

My Work

I use Oil & Acrylic paints for all my canvas paintings but for the illustrations I combine water colours, inks and pens. I am able to design digitally but I love the painting process the old-fashioned way!

When I write, I become rather unsociable! I usually start first thing in the morning and endeavor to complete at least four pages a day. Sometimes I scrap what I wrote the next day, but the secret is to keep writing.

I get so engrossed, I sometimes find myself feeling hungry and realise then it’s evening or night-time and I haven’t stopped all day!

Quite surprising I keep motivated when I still haven’t been published and have written eleven books! As I said, it’s the creativity that stimulates me, but now the time has come when I would love to see my efforts on the bookshelves and reap the rewards of my hard work.

If you are interested in purchasing a painting or commissioning one, please fill out my enquiry form. Click here:


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