About Me

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHi! Thanks for stopping by! Let me tell you a little about myself!

First the quirky side!

I’m Karen! I am an artist and a writer. I am passionate about painting and writing.

Yes, like most creatives I’m quirky! And  yes I’m a scatter-brain, and terribly distracted – I can get lost in a car park – and do just that most of the time!

I can have a hundred new ideas a day – I should be ideas.com if only any of them would make me any money!

I love chocolate! Absolutely and as passionately as I love art!

I love colour, and the joy it brings. Painting with colour warms my cockles and helps me to escape into a wonderful place. I do tend to live in a bit of a fantasy world, I have to admit, (I always have I think!) as I am too pure of heart to like to look at the vulgarity in the world.

An incurable romantic too! Oh yes, give me romance any day with all the bells and whistles!

It’s movements like the Pre-Raphaelites which have inspired me, although I greatly admire the Impressionists and of course the Renaissance painters too among many other artists.

I work in oils on canvas but sometimes use acrylics, pastels and mixed media. Apart from painting and promoting my art, reading up and watching everything I can about Art and blogging about Art, I also teach art lessons and workshops, in a hope to inspire and inform other Artists and creative minds.

Roxy-and-Dom-300x244I have a 22 year old son who has moved into his own place now, leaving me with my two cats, Domino and Roxy.

Now the more serious side!

I was born in Sheffield, England in 1960 but my family immigrated to South Africa when I was three years old. From being a child I have spent all my free time engrossed in my two passions: Art and Writing.

I studied Graphic Design after leaving school, and went on to work in this capacity for a design studio, until in 1983, I met and married a French Racing Driver, Christian Sarron, who took me to live in France. While travelling the world alongside my husband, I became fluent in French, and was also a TV presenter for Television for a year while on the racing circuits introducing the Grand Prix.

Living in France and being afforded the possibility to travel the world, enabled me to study the great art masters and meet current French artists, who influence my own creative passion and work to this day.  After 14 years in France, we divorced and I returned to South Africa with my son, Greg. I then pursued my own enterprises; creating an animated interactive book on CD for youngsters and a monthly magazine publication. I have also recently completed a novel for adults, which I am presenting to publishing companies.

Loving anything creative, I have been involved in interior design projects, has created graphic design elements for clients such as innovative invitations, logos and corporate identities, website design, book covers, advertisements, press kits, brochures and promotional items.

Though tutored in Graphic Design and not Fine Art, instinct seemed to take over when I discovered the versatility of oil paint a few years ago. Now I paint mainly in this medium. Essentially I love to paint humanity as I am inspired by the fragile nature of people. My artworks have been displayed on several exhibitions, my first being in 1985.

I am now a prolific artist, painting every day and trying to thrive on doing what I love most! It’s the marketing and selling of the art that is difficult for me, but I understand a primary part of art as a business. I paint commissioned pieces and sold my own works to Guests from AfriCabana Guesthouse in Camps Bay, until June 2012, which I owned with my sister. Although I worked mainly back-of-house on the Graphic Design work and Marketing the establishment and the Painting Holidays we offered, which I tutored. I also give Art Lessons, as I love to impart my experience and knowledge with all eager to learn and I am now also planning a couple of painting holidays in France.

My unerring passion and devotion to art and all things creative is what drives me, certain as always, that a Writer and an Artist is who I am.


2 Replies to “About Me”

  1. Your art is beautiful! I have a friend who was a CAR MECHANIC. No training, whatsoever, as an artist. Then, one day, he gave it a try. His work rivals Maxfield Parrish – he has been COMPARED to Parrish. Now, his small canvases (8″ x 10″) fetch $5,000 and his large go upwards of $20,000. He has a waiting list of years. It just goes to show you, anything is possible. All that is required it true, raw talent. You have a gifted hand :)

  2. Thank you for your compliments. I truly believe that we are all creative! I am delighted your friend found the success you describe through making his passion his work. It takes the irk out of work! Indeed, we should all do what we love and it doesn’t feel like work at all, our own soul shines through and there is no better way to make one’s living. Creativity comes in many forms; writing, cooking, design, acting, singing etc etc. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll visit again!

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