You paint the most amazing african art I have ever seen. I wish you every thing you could wish for in the future. Terry Bingley” _ Terry Bingley on BranchOut, 21st July 2011


“ I love Karen’s amazing curiosity about life, people, art, writing and her special sensitive and easy going manner.” – Maureen Tomaino on BranchOut, on 7 October 2011


Karen Longden-Sarron is a very accomplished Artist/Writer/Teacher from Camps Bay , South Africa. Her work is full of reality, energy, inspired technique and most of all soul.
She is a sensitive creative person with quintessential elements of expression in her person and her art and writing. Highly recommendable – Maureen Tomaino, Artists Wanted/ April 2012


You are a Fantastic Artist Karen…Wow I love your work… There is such depth, spirit and emotion and feeling in your art pieces..Rory Wolman – Composer / Music Producer./ April 2012


Karen has the uncanny knack of capturing a personal ‘ moment in time’ and no matter how time passes – it is brought back ‘to life’ in her paintings and one re-lives that moment……. Orna Kiesel/ Property Manager/ April 2012


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