They Grow So Fast

They grow so fast


  • 100% Hand Painted, Original Oil Painting

About this Piece

I decided to paint the image I found of my son and I in the garden when I still lived in France. I loved the enthusiasm little Greg had on the simplest task of watering the roses, and the sheer enjoyment of being surrounded by nature in the sunshine. Even though the picture is of a personal nature, it still portrays a moment between mother and child, where she is stepping in with a close watch on her son and ready to assist him if he needs her.

Size:  76 cm x 101 cm

Medium: Oil on Canvas stretched on wood.

  • Unframed.
  • Issued with a certificate of authenticity signed by Karen.

Shipping & Handling

Shipping and handling is not included. You can send me an enquiry on the form under the “contact” page and I will send you bank details and the shipping costs.

I would like to Buy Or Commission A Painting

If you fill out the form below, I will send you through the bank details or a link to Paypal. If you wish to commission an Art piece, please write down the size you want and the subject and I will send through a quotation.





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