Winter Creative Retreat On The Cape West Coast

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All-Inclusive Luxurious & Inspiring 5* Winter Creativity Retreat Package 

31st July – 2nd August 2015

At Abalone Boutique Hotel & Spa

Join Artist, Writer and Teacher, Karen Longden-Sarron, on this Unique Getaway and Rouse Your Inner Painter.

Pamper yourself with excellent food and indulgent spa treatments while also igniting your creativity and learning a new skill if you’ve never painted before, or develop new techniques if you have.

This unique and Inspiring event will take place in the quaint seaside Village of Paternoster on the Cape West Coast at the opulent five-star Abalone House & Spa Boutique Hotel, renowned for its effortless blends of old world elegance with eclectic decadence and now the new home to another famous Reuben’s Restaurant and Healing Earth Spa. ahlogo

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Picturesque Paternoster, with its shoreline, unique buildings, boats and other typical scenes of life in this coastal Fisherman’s village are the central subjects for this creative program, structured to accommodate beginners as well as more established artists, we’ll explore a range of mediums and styles of working.

Only 1 hour 45 minutes drive from Cape Town.

Experience sumptuous accommodation.

Enjoy sumptuous breakfasts and lunches and feast at the famous Reuben’s Restaurant in the Hotel.

Indulge yourself with a Spa treatment in the Healing Earth Spa.

What’s Included

  • 2 Night’s Accommodation in a luxurious Suite (or small groups could also opt to select a 2 or 3-bedroomed cottage nearby.)
  • 2 Full English & Continental Breakfasts
  • 2 Lunches (one being an exclusive Beach Picnic – weather permitting)
  • 2 x Two-Course Dinners at the famous Reuben’s Restaurant (situated in the Hotel)
  • 2 x 30 minutes or 1 x 60 minutes Spa Treatment at the Healing Earth Spa (Choice of Back & Neck Massage /Facial/ Pedicure or Manicure)
  • Morning & Afternoon Tea/Coffee
  • Welcome Drink
  • Creative Instruction & Guidance
  • All Artistic Materials & Notes

Additional Activities Included

Participants in this Retreat shall also get to enjoy the following activities offered on this getaway:

  • Inspiring Presentation with Welcome Drink on Workshop Opening
  • A Brandy Tasting
  • 1 Picnic Lunch on the Beach (Weather permitting)

What’s Not Included

  • Transport to/from the Venue
  • Mini Bar in Rooms
  • Refreshments & Alcoholic Beverages other than 1 morning and 1 afternoon tea/coffee per day
  • Specialty Teas or Coffees
  • Gratuities


000a-585x368 02-Abalone-H2-002176-585x368 20140318-IMG_0259-585x368

Non – Participating Partners

If you have a partner who would like to accompany you on the getaway and share your suite but not participate in the creative program, he or she is welcome to do so at a cost of R790.00, including breakfast. All other meals and refreshments are for their account, although they are welcome to join you in the meals with the participants.


The Cost

Take Advantage of this Exclusive WINTER PACKAGE Offer

All-inclusive Package Deal Price of R4,900 per participant (Sharing or Single) Supplement for Non-participating partners sharing is R790.00, including breakfast, but all other meals are for his/her account.  

The rooms are issued on a first-come-first-served-basis.

Limited Spaces. Booking is Essential.


Book now! Call +27 (0) 22 752 2044
Read more about it HERE

View the Abalone Hotel Website HERE

We Look Forward to Meeting You There!






The Plight of the Emerging Artist

Emerging ArtistIt’s tough starting out in the world of the arts if you’re a Visual Artist, Singer, Writer or any creative for that matter, and many learn the hard way when they venture out after their studies and discover it’s really not what they teach you at college.

Just as the song “Video Kills the Radio Star” of the 80’s suggests, times change as technology changes. The old makes way for the new. The Art business and the Publishing Business are changing – just as the Music Business did a short while ago.

In the past a creative person with an idea for a book or a screenplay, a collection of paintings or sculptures, artistic photographs or a written song would approach the appropriate business directly (if they were allowed to do so without an Agent) or seek representation through an Agent in the hope of signing a deal and starting a career. It was a tough enough road even then, but now that there are so much more artistic people seeking to earn a living from their talents, this industry is changing in so many ways. One would think the markets would be saturated but instead it is just transforming – and not necessarily all negatively either!

So What’s Changing Nowadays?

I understand that traditional Art Galleries are taking on fewer emerging artists these days, preferring to spend time and money on established artists who are guaranteed to make them money. This is partly due to the recession perhaps, where the wealthy can still invest in art and yet the person of more modest means shall not extend his or her budget considering there are more vital expenses to handle first.

Emerging artists are hence advised to have a strong sales record and client base before a gallery will consider taking them on and yet there’s an irony at work here because if they have a strong client base and making a success of their career, one wonders if they really need the gallery at all? Especially a small one in their local area that may bring a few sales and serve as extra exposure but isn’t really going to “Make your career” as in days of old. Yes, in the past galleries could take on an emerging artist and market them in all the right places, introduce the artist to new collectors and establish a liaison with the press, but it appears this is not happening as much any more. In most cases, emerging artists are basically on their own until they have established some value that will appeal to the gallery. This value is essentially work that sells consistently, a strong online presence and collectors and followers of their own.

Similarly, I understand that authors are expected to assist the publishers in marketing their book too and yet they can simply upload their own book to Amazon and a multitude of other sites (as well as their own websites) to publish it themselves, put some effort into marketing this work and make sales without the publishing house behind them. We’ve all read amazing success stories of authors who have made a million Dollars on Amazon and then been approached and signed by a traditional publishing house. The author must have been delighted because of the prestige factor we associate with “being signed” as it enforces the merit of the work, (because we trust it has been validated according to the traditional methods of the past,) but the author had really done the groundwork alone.

Likewise, Singers and Bands upload their music to SoundCloud, You Tube and other sites where they can also be shared, recommended and ultimately go viral. Again, some of the most unlikely musicians have been discovered this way.

However, the emerging creative need not despair – there are other ways of developing a successful career and it need not be the “plight” it appears on first glance.

Social media has certainly done a lot to change how we live or communicate and even promote ourselves and our businesses. Marketing ourselves has become a new trend on its own.

New Gateways and Avenues To Pursue

In the days of van Gogh, the artists had the Salon as a credible gateway for getting seen and known, and in the past an artist represented by an Agent or a Gallery was esteemed more prestigious than one who exhibited at fairs and markets for example. This is still true to a certain extent now, only Artists have so many other avenues to explore and a phletora of opportunities available to them as well.

Because Artists, Writers, Singers and other creative people are avidly taking advantage of the social media networks available, such as Facebook, they are actively building his or her own presence online – sometimes a very strong presence too – and are simultaneously establishing themselves in the eye of the public and creating a name for themselves.

In so doing, they are also slowly gathering what marketing guru, Seth Godin, calls “The Tribe,” as they attract an increasing number of followers interested in these talented people and their products. Among these followers can be Collectors and Buyers or Curators, Music and Film Producers, Gallery Owners, Publishers, Art Organisations, Associations and a host of other potential business – who, let us bear in mind, have Art Critics, Reviewers, Journalists and Marketers and everybody else concerned in all these industries busy themselves promoting their services and companies on their own pages on social media at the same time , as well as also on the lookout for who is making a buzz in their industries on the web!

General Advice Regarding A Positive Strategy

The Work Itself

My advice to you today from one artist to another, and whether you Write songs or books, Sculpt, Paint or Weave, is to always try and follow these few pointers:

  • Be yourself in every way – let your own personality and who you really are shine through in your work and in your promotions I.e. Be Distinctive – tell your own story! (Show this in your corporate image, your blog and the work itself)
  • Set realistic prices according to the value of your work
  • Make Good Art! – always strive to be better than your last creation
  • Associate with people who do the same or similar work as you do but who are better at it than you are – you are bound to improve and learn from them – but do not endeavour to replicate their style or you are just promoting them and you want to be unique and promote yourself!
  • Set a short-term and a long-term plan and look for ways to achieve this.


  • Engage fully in creating your career – get involved in every opening that arises.
  • Don’t scoff at the most unlikely avenues – these sometimes lead to great new opportunities and you never know who you may meet!
  • On Average, aim at devoting 30% of your time to creating your craft and 70% of your time to marketing it – unless you can afford to employ someone to help you!

Create a Promotion Strategy Using These Outlets

1) Social Networks like Facebook (Your own wall and a Fan Page) and Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram

2) Distribution Platforms especially for specific creative activities as follows:

  • Artists – Sell originals and prints through sites like Saachi, Fine Art America, Deviant Art, Daily Painters etc
  • Musicians – Upload your songs and promote yourself or your band through sites like Soundcloud etc
  • Writers – Self-publish your books through Amazon (CreateSpace), Lulu, Bookbaby etc

3) Competitions – Research and enter as many competitions as possible to keep abreast with what’s happening and obtain more exposure in the art world. An award will look good on your CV! There are free competitions and some you need to pay to enter, but be careful as some of the take your money and you have no way of knowing if there really is a competition or whether you were selected or not.

Competitions can be found online on specific sites and ezines and also in art/publishing magazines and newspapers.

Enter Talent shows if you are a singer, like Idols, UK Has Talent etc

4) Web Campaigns:Emerging Artists can also take advantage of platforms offering a variety of ways to launch ideas and create a buzz to attract some attention to your work. You can really get creative!

  1. Crowdfunding campaigns can be really innovative ways to raise funds for Indie Projects. Kickstarter and Indiegogo, to mention but a couple, are sites that favour film, the arts and creative projects. Depending on the effort put into the networking of one’s campaign, these too can go viral sometimes and some people have been really fortunate and received millions to really set them on their way.
  2. Marketing Apps – Anybody can drive traffic to their products, boost sales or generate engagement online through creating a campaign themselves, using sites such as Shortstack for example, who or even Facebook itself. They offer a range of very good and easy to use apps, which offer a host of different ideas such as:
    • Photo-Vote Competitions
    • Giveaways
    • Promotions
    • Webinars

5) Video Creation – it is easy these days to create a video and upload to sites such as You Tube. You can create a series of shots of your artworks in a slideshow format or a demonstration of you actually creating the work. Share your video on other social networks.

6) Create a Blog – Use Blogger or WordPress and build an audience to subsequently boost sales of your work through your Blog. It’s a good place to display your work, impart your knowledge and engage with readers. Draw traffic by promoting your blog on other social networks too and share it on Tumblr, Google +, Stumble Upon, LinkedIn etc

Get with it!

So although you’re presently an emerging artist and up against a lot of competition, take heart that you have so much potential of many new outlets to distribute and market your work and drive an audience and sales. Take advantage of these opportunities and try your hand at all of them! Think up some of your own too or ways you can implement them in getting your work seen in as many places as possible, both online and in your local area or nation.

Watch this video for extra inspiration and let me know if you have any other great ideas to assist emerging artists.

Creativity Weekend Workshop in Paternoster

Paternoster header  Creativity

All-Inclusive Luxurious & Inspiring 5* Winter Weekend Getaway. 

A Perfect Blend of Relaxation & Stimulation!

4 – 6 July 2014

At Abalone House Boutique Guesthouse & Spa

Abalone trio of logos

Come and join Artist and Author Karen Longden-Sarron on this Unique Creativity Workshop and Awaken the Creative Genius Within to Recreate Your World!

Pamper yourself with excellent food and indulgent spa treatments while also igniting your creativity as a means to shape your future by learning how to transform your life on this creativity workshop.

This Unique and Inspiring event will take place in the quaint seaside village of Paternoster on the Cape West Coast at the Opulent five-star Abalone House Boutique Guesthouse, renowned for its effortless blends of old world elegance with eclectic decadence and now the new home to another famous Reuben’s Restaurant and Healing Earth Spa.

The Venue

Abalone House is a stylish Boutique guesthouse on the West Coast offering sophistication, glamour and style in the charming, historic fisherman’s village of Paternoster. Antiques, art, orchids and vistas of pristine white beaches and the ocean set the scene. Bold colours and decadent touches decorate bedrooms designed around an idyllic, tranquil courtyard with lap pool, some with sea views and private relaxation spaces. Be cocooned in air-conditioned comfort with the luxury of flat screen TV, iPod docking station, CD and DVD player, espresso machine, mini-bar and laptop safe. Enjoy sumptuous breakfasts and lunches, as well as High Tea on the day of arrival. Feast at the famous Reuben’s Restaurant now in the Hotel. Indulge yourself with a Spa treatment in the Healing Earth Spa or sip a single malt or bubbly in front of a crackling fire in the Africa Bar. Only 1½ hours from Cape Town.

The Workshop

Wizard in my Heart Book Front Cover JPGIgnite your imagination and learn to transform your life using the magic of Creativity! This unique workshop is based on the guidelines of the author’s soon-to-be published book, ‘The Wizard In My Heart”  – a journey of self-discovery with a difference – an inspired journey offering a triad of results using creativity to transform your life as follows:

      • Life-changing modifications through a process known as “Heartscaping”
      • Discover the Path to your Soul and your Life’s Purpose
      • Learn how to live and work from the Heart in Creative Self-expression

The Creativity Workshop will help participants to unleash and develop their Creative Potential in a Nurturing, Non-competitive and Inspiring environment at a Beautiful Location. Participants will Learn How To:

  • Awaken their Creative Genius Within to Recreate their World
  • Explore Creativity as an Enlightening New way of life for a Happy & Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit
  • Stimulate Creativity in Problem Solving, Innovative Thinking, New Perceptions and heightened Imagination
  • How to Overcome Creative Blocks and Express their Unique Personal Style, Ideas and Talents

This Creativity Workshop offers an opportunity to get in touch with yourself in Exciting and Unexpected ways, so come and enrich your soul and meet like-minded and inspiring people – who knows, they could become lifelong friends.

The Package


Abalone Boutique Guesthouse & Spa reflects an elegant opulence, with French-style doors and richly hued Persian rugs adorning stone floors and boasts ten luxury ground and first-floor suites, built around a tranquil sheltered garden courtyard.The signature Tretchikoff wall prints make a playfully eccentric style statement amid a flurry of jewel coloured fabrics, furnishings and African ornaments.   All Suites are equipped with:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Extra length King sized or twin beds with white cotton linen. 
  • En-suite bathrooms with bath, shower, under tile heating and heated towel rails. 
  • A fully stocked bar fridge and top of the range Italian coffee machine. 
  • Flat screen TV, iPod docking station, CD and DVD player make lazing in the privacy of your suite a pleasure. 
  • Built-in electronic safes.


All meals will be completely catered for during your Creativity Retreat, including Breakfast, a tasty light Lunch, Morning and Afternoon Tea/Coffee and a delicious 2-course Dinner. Non-participating partners are welcome to join you for meals at the Reuben’s Restaurant in the evenings as well as the lunches on Saturday and Sunday, including the picnic lunch on the beach, but these are for his/her own account.

Any other refreshments or alcoholic beverages and speciality Teas or Coffees are for your account.

Vegetarians Welcome.

Non-Participating Partners

If you have a partner who would like to accompany you on the getaway and share your Suite but not participate in the workshop, he or she is welcome to do so at a cost of only R350 per night, including breakfast. All other meals and refreshments are for their account, although they are welcome to join you in the meals with the participants.

What’s Included

  • 2 Night’s Accommodation in a luxurious Suite or small groups could also opt to select a 2 or 3 bedroomed cottage nearby.
  • 2 Full English & Continental Breakfasts
  • 2 Lunches (one being an exclusive Beach Picnic – weather permitting)
  • 2 x 2-Course Dinners at the famous Reuben’s Restaurant (Now situated in the Hotel)
  • 2 Spa Treatments at the Healing Earth Spa (Choice of Back & Neck Massage /Facial/ Pedicure or Manicure)
  • Morning & Afternoon Tea/Coffee
  • Welcome Drink
  • Workshop Instruction & Guidance from Karen
  • Artistic Materials & Notes (You will be requested however to bring along a few photocopies of photos of yourself)

Additional Activities Included

  • Participants in this Retreat shall also get to enjoy the following activities offered on this getaway:
    • Inspiring Presentation during Welcome Drink on Workshop Opening
    • 1 Picnic Lunch on the Beach (Weather permitting)
    • High Tea on Day of Arrival

What’s Not Included

  • Transport to/from the venue
  • Mini Bar in Rooms
  • Refreshments & Alcoholic Beverages other than 1 morning and 1 afternoon tea/coffee per day
  • Speciality Teas or Coffees
  • Gratuities


The Cost

Take Advantage of this Exclusive WINTER PACKAGE Offer All-inclusive Package Deal Price of R3,690 per participant (Sharing or Single) Supplement for Non-participating partners sharing is R350 per night, including breakfast, but all other meals and refreshments are for his/her account.  

The rooms are issued on a first-come-first-served-basis.

Limited Spaces. Booking is Essential.

Last Winter Karen held a Workshop with fellow Artist Line’ Ryan du Preez in Riebeek Kasteel which was great. The people that met on that event have become the best of friends!

Come and join in the fun this winter in another great hideaway and get inspired!

Getting There

Paternoster is 160 km from Cape Town, approximately a 1-hour 45 minute drive. Directions will be sent to you on registration confirmation.


We require a 50% deposit (R200 of which is non-refundable) to secure your place, due on confirmation of your booking. The balance is due 7 days prior to the event at the latest. (You may of course pay in full on confirmation.)


Rooms are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Book early to avoid disappointment! You can book your place now by downloading the Registration Form here Paternoster Creativity Workshop Registration Form and emailing it back. Once we have received your registration form we shall return a confirmation email with our banking details, directions with maps, scheduled itinerary and recommendations of what to bring. See the Cancellation Policy HERE

We Look Forward to meeting You There!

Paternoster Creativity Workshop Flyer


Quick Alla Prima Studies

When I wrote the article on the Alla Prima technique, I didn’t have a camera handy to take any pictures, so I am just posting some examples of a couple of the studies I did recently.

Simple Pleasures new small

“Simple Pleasures’ Oil on canvas

Somewhere (new) small

“Somewhere” Oil on canvas

The more I work in this technique the more I like it. It’s such fun too!


Discovering My USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

For the last few weeks I have been researching expanding my paintings and investigating ways to be a succesful art entrepreneur. Over and over I’ve read that one needs a Unique Selling Proposition that would bring value to one’s work and propel sales. Then I came across a post by Natalie Sisson, The Suitcase Entrepreneur, on her post about “How to Use Your Personality To Stand Out Online,” Day 12 in her current blog challenge, which I joined to improve my skills. (

In this post, she poses the following:

Here are some questions to ask yourself and others who know you to develop your USP:

  1. What are you better at than anyone else?

  2. What do you enjoy doing the most?

  3. What do (or could) you provide that no one else is providing?

  4. What annoys people the most about your industry or blog area?

  5. What is remarkable about you?

  6. Do you have an unusual combination of elements?

  7. Do you have a big personality?

Now write your USP statement. Take action. 

I racked my brains for my very own answers – what’s distinctive and unique about me? I also had to question “What do I do that people would actually want?” Regarding a big personality, well I am quirky, but not too way out! I know what I love to paint, but would anyone else really find it as pleasing as I do that would make them want it on their walls?

Humph! What a question this is. I toyed with several and it’s when I got to the question “Do you have an unusual combination of elements?” that the idea popped into my head: My name and the play of words with the real meaning of subjects I like to paint. All in one!! The word was Serendipity –  and my name Sarron lends itself to the name Sarrondipity! There may be lots of Sarrons out there – well in France anyway – but they aren’t all artists and I am the first!

So the idea was born and I became quite excited! I could paint a series of works under this name; all depicting instances of serendipity; that one moment where something could be life-changing – like a meeting, an event, a discovery – a myriad of things. It’s the big chance around the corner. It’s the chance happening! It’s luck and coincidence! It’s when you’re looking for something and find something else! It’s happenstance!

There are so many possibilities to work with and I am sure these types of paintings would get people thinking.

Joining The Dots Of Serendipity

When we spend a little quiet time reflecting on our lives, we can begin to see how serendipity could come into play to bring us to people, places and events in our lives. Sometimes, analyzing an important event, we see the elements and people that led us to finding it.

Launching Sarrondipity!

The dots seemed to join on this very concept for me – the one question in Natalie’s blog brought the germ of the idea which led to the creation of such a concept, and I hope answers some of the other questions too. I’m seeking a new outlet so I’ll be brave and go with this one! It’s worth a try at least!

So today I announce the birth of Sarrondipity and I shall post the paintings in the series as they are completed and put them up for sale. I have two already which I’ll show you now.

I Hear You My Brother

You may have seen the first painting painting titled “I Hear You My Brother” already on my blog. In this piece, I have tried to capture an instant when two people share a moment together. The original photo was in black and white and was taken in District 6, which still has controversy surrounding it today. I decided to paint it in black and white to enhance the racial aspect of the story being told, as well as the time it took place when South Africa was struggling under Apartheid.

I don’t want to relay a story other than one the viewer may relate to of their own, but I think it’s serendipitous because it shows an unlikely friendship and sharing in that moment between two people who were not even supposed to communicate, and it leads me to ask “What meaning did this encounter hold for either of the two men?” or  “Which one found it most remarkable?” or “Did either of them feel a shift through its occurrence?”

South Africa has come a long way since then, but the horrors of the country’s history are not forgotten, and this picture portrays there truly can be a unity with all people.

Girl at windowThe second painting is called “Girl at Window,” where a pretty young woman stands in her negligee looking through the blinds. We ask, “Is he still coming?” or “Is she watching him leave?” Simple in concept, but thought provoking all the same as the viewer feels empathy for the woman, lonely but desirable.

The Challenge

Serendipity is perhaps not an easy topic to depict, and I have felt a wobbly or two! But think about it, an everyday occurrence of a chance meeting at a bus stop could be a turning point for someone, or perhaps discovering something in Grandma’s old trunk that reveals the truth about some secret, or even brings about an idea that you could implement to change one’s life.

I read once about a woman who discovered her Gran’s journal of natural herb remedies, which the lady created into a beautiful book and made a fortune! That’s serendipity for you!

The more I think about it the more I realize the possibilities are endless. How to  transfer these ideas onto canvas in a simple setting and be visually attractive in one scene is the tough side – but I have a creative mind and this problem is always the artist’s first job.

I’d Love You To Get Involved!

I would appreciate any assistance I can get from you my readers, and would like to request your participation in any of the following ways:

  1. Send me some ideas of your own on serendipity situations
  2. Send me some serendipitous circumstances which happened to you
  3. Send me pictures – only originals please that you have copyright for and agree to let me use for paintings, not any from any public material or site. These pictures should be of any situation you feel fall under the serendipity theme and if I like it, with your permission, I would then interpret it in a painting.

Are you keen? Our very connection could be serendipitous on its own, who knows!!

What I’ll Give Back in Return

As a gesture of gratitude for your kindness in supporting me with this, I would mention you in follow up blogs on how this is all turning out, with a link to your website/blog/ Facebook Page etc and if I select your idea/photo to create a painting, I will send you a high resolution picture of the final painting for you to print out.

If this takes off successfully, I shall launch a campaign on social media where people can vote for the best picture and win a print of it. I shall then send a print of this painting to the person who supplied the idea initially!

I’ll Take Happenstance Thank You!!

Luck, coincidence, whatever it is, I will give it a go! Let’s make it happen!

You can contact me on my website: or email pictures (good resolution) to

I look so forward to hearing from you and interacting with you on my quest to make my USP unique and distinctive! Together we can make “Sarrondipity” a huge success!


A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

I hear you my BrotherThese famous words originate from a Chinese proverb. “One picture is worth ten thousand words.” In the early 20th century the phrase became more common and is widely attributed to American Frederick R. Barnard, who claimed the phrase’s source came from a Japanese philosopher, in the piece he published on the effectiveness of graphics in advertising, entitled “One look is worth a thousand words“, in Printer’s Ink, December 1921.

“Every picture tells a story” is another famous saying, and for the viewer looking at graphics or an art piece this is what captures their attention and unravels a tale in their mind as they look at the piece. The viewer either responds to the “story” depicted or it does not resonate with his or her imagination or emotion and they will move on.

The Artist creating this piece is faced with a difficult job, firstly how to best say what the message is they want related and then choosing the right media and technique to ideally relay these “thousand words” as simply as necessary for a strong impact.

Sometimes the artist finds an inspiring picture which says it all, and can just be modified to leave out the arbitrary details, but sometimes an artist knows what he or she wants to say but confronts a plethora or possibilities and has to delve deep to decide upon the most powerful way to create it.

The duty of the artist is to express society and the times we live in for everybody, and whether he or she reveals what’s meaningful to themselves as well as their viewer, either by exorcising their demons or those of society, or by glorifying our innate sense of divinity, the result is art! Perhaps not always art we would hang in our living room – (this subject being another topic entirely for another day) – it is still art relaying a message, which is why advertising uses images rather than just the spoken word and why we love cinema because we are essentially visual beings.

( The image I have used as an example is my oil painting entitled “I Hear You My Brother”)

Dreama Tolle Perry’s Paintings

I would like to share another artist, Dreama Tolle Perry, with you in case you haven’t yet seen her work.

Dreama Tolle Perry is a self-taught artist who finds her inspiration in color and sunshine. She is a prolific painter and an inspirational teacher. Dreama lives in Paris, KY with her husband Ron, dog Maggie, and world famous cat, Eddie.

I love the vibrancy in her work and her brushstroke technique.

Here are a few examples of her work.


You can view her paintings on her website:

Or have a look at her blog:

Let me know what you think!

I Have Launched a Creative Campaign on Indiegogo

I am shy and not always too brave, just like the heroine Lucy in my story Cactus Jam! However, I have taken my head out the sand and I have launched a campaign on Indiegogo; a crowdfunding site helping people obtain funding to make their dreams a reality.

Could an ostrich teach us to change our behaviour and go after what we seek? Lucy does just that in the Cactus Jam trilogy.

It’s not really ostrich behaviour that has made this project 16 Years in the making and still not published or produced, but it is a long time to wait for a dream to be realised.

Cactus Jam started out as a picture-book, later developing into a 13 part script for an animated TV series. I also wrote a script for a feature film, but unfortunately none of these have yet been produced.

My intention is to create a product which would generate an initial hype around the Cactus Jam brand and a following, which could in turn spur on the progress of the making of a film or a TV series.

My plan is to adapt the entire story I wrote for a 13-part TV-series into an E-book version, as a trilogy, and sell the three books on Amazon and other portals.

The E-books would be designed to a high standard with many illustrations and interactive animations to make the reading experience a lot of fun. Children all over the world would be able to download the E-books on

Kindle, ipad, other reading devices or on their computers. I envisage the E-books to be very attractive with interactive animations to make the reading experience joyful, whilst they learn also of the different cultures in the world through the eyes of the story’s protagonist, Lucy.

You can see the campaign here:

Vladimir Volegov, An Inspiring Current Artist

I just love this Russian painter’s work! I discovered him on YouTube and subscribed immediately, as I love his vibrant paintings, his dexterous techniques of bold brushstrokes and his sensitivity to his subjects. I want to share this talent with you today – just in case you haven’t heard of him! I hope his work evokes you as much as it does me.

Brief Biography

Vladimir Volegov was born in Chabarovsk, Russia. He began painting at the age of three. He later attended the art school Krivoj Rog and the Lvov Polygraphic Institute in the former Soviet Union.

Beginning in 1984 Vladimir began winning entries into International Competitions for poster art.

He moved to Moscow in 1988 to pursue a career in commercial art. Notable Russian publishing houses sought his talents to design posters and CD covers for musical groups. While working with these publishing houses, he continued to work on his paintings and participate in exhibitions.

In 1990 he travelled to Europe where he earned money by painting portraits on the city streets. This experience assisted in perfecting the human form he so deftly creates today in much of his work.


Some Examples of his Work


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Creativity has no boundaries – if you can see it, you can make it!

Imagination is the only thing you need to begin the creative process! The possibilities are endless. The way we can juxtapose and combine ideas together are the source of new inventions and as you can imagine this leaves scope for infinite creations. To inspire your originality take a look at some of these cool ideas from other inventive people.

Today I am posting a few ideas I found imaginative, creative and highly original.

Objects made from Recycled Goods

These are a few examples of how these creative people have made treasure from old items and recycled them into art.

1) Magpie Art Collectives specialize in creating chandeliers, lamps and jewellery from recycled glass bottles or yoghurt containers, bits of plastic, mosaic, scraps of mirror, toys, charms and copper wire. They are situated in Barrydale, South Africa, but have even sold two chandeliers to the American president and now hang in the White House.

2) Hugh Hayden created this chair from old tennis balls. See more of his creations here.

Art made from Waste products

I have discovered many examples of creativity of this kind, where artists create pieces using,  post-it notes, stamps, gum-balls, fruit and veggie sticker labels, computer parts, buttons, corks, pencils, playing cards, cook-drink bottles, plastic and toothpicks. Here are two examples:

1) Junk Mail

Sandy Schimmel, an Arizona artist, decided to put the heaps of junk mail she received in her post box to good use and creates beautiful, vivid mosaic pictures. Schimmel’s artwork are mostly portraits. To see more of her artwork click here.

2) Post cards

Scottish artist David Mach creates amazing artworks out of thousands of postcards. To see more of Mach’s works, go here.

Imaginative Baking

I discovered this amazing cake with polka dots hidden inside that  I want to share. It just goes to show that if you can see something in your mind you can find a way to make it happen. Deborah Stauch is the lady behind this cool idea. Discover how to make the cake and many more like it on her blog Once-Upon-A-Pedestal. Click here to read more.










I hope you liked these innovative discoveries and they inspire your creative juices. Let me know what you create from your imagination so we can share with others.