Latest Paintings – Assessing What’s Valuable In My Life

As I put in my newsletter this morning, Spring cleaning in the southern hemisphere is done, but as October arrives and summer is winking at us, as we enter the last three months of the year, I am eager to set a path of prosperity which will turn things around and continue into 2014. To lay down some groundwork for a plan for the future, we need to be cognoscente of the errors of the past; not to harp on the bad choices one has made but rather to evaluate the consequences of those choices.

It occurred to me that the book I read and the video I selected for you in the titbits I enjoyed this month also convey this message. Sometimes we look back on our behaviour, the way we treated people, or the way we handled a situation and we feel a mixture of guilt, or shame or even sometimes regret, but we have the chance to rectify these. We can make amends. We can also see these mistakes as a gift – a way to advance with a new approach. This ‘spring clean’ of the soul as it were can also assist in eliminating what we no longer need – including people who do not serve us well – and in so doing to take the steps to live this one life the best way we can from this point onward.

Be grateful for what you have and take action to change what you don’t like to achieve what you dream of having and the ideal life you want to live. As always remain positive and inspired!

Here are a few examples of some of my latest paintings, where I actually hauled out old pictures of some the most meaningful moments in my life and created paintings from them. (I apologize for the sub-standard quality of the pictures – I am saving up for a good camera, essential for every artist, but they do give you an idea of what I’m doing until I get one!)

Summer Lunchtime

“Summer Lunchtime” 

Oil on Canvas – 76cm x 101cm

My son and myself in France many years ago but I was inspired to create a painting from this photo because of the mood and meaning it exudes. This picture portrays a mother and child tranquil in the sunshine in the garden where they are about to take lunch. The child is abandoned in his mother’s lap as he enjoys his bottle and the mother has a serene and nurturing expression of utter love for her son and this moment in the day.

 They grow so fast“They Grow So Fast”Oil on Canvas – 76cm x 101cm

I decided to paint the image I found of my son and I in the garden when I still lived in France. I loved the enthusiasm little Greg had on the simplest task of watering the roses, and the sheer enjoyment of being surrounded by nature in the sunshine. Even though the picture is of a personal nature, it still portrays a moment between mother and child, where she is stepping in with a close watch on her son and ready to assist him if he needs her.

 It's up to me

“It’s Up To Me”

Oil on Canvas – 55cm x 70cm

I liked this picture of my son as a young boy, out on the water in a small boat and I decided to paint it. He has control of the oar and looks quite confident, despite his tender age. This is what I love about children – they don’t fear trying things and never doubt they can do it. It’s such a pity this boldness is replaced with fear, as we grow older.

Winter Fruits

“Winter Fruits”

Oil on Canvas – 40cm x 40cm

A simple still life of a platter of winter fruits, set against cool colours of the season in contrast with the warm colours of the fruits themselves – simple pleasures in life.

Most of the paintings I did this month touch on things of value from my past as well as things that I find beautiful – the simple pleasures in life; something I want more of in my life. Start this new month asking yourself these questions: What do you want to surround yourself with? What do you find most valuable in your life? What inspires you? Now, go out and make these a reality, every day!


8 Replies to “Latest Paintings – Assessing What’s Valuable In My Life”

  1. Thanks Colette!I’m so glad you like them!It appears that people respond well to artists’ work too when the artist reveals something more of themselves!Interesting!

  2. Thanks Tonsia! I really appreciate your kind comment. Unfortunately I do not have a good camera and all the pics are flattened. One day I’ll hopefully sell enough paintings to buy a good reflex lens camera that all artists should have to show the brushstrokes and textures.Thanks for stopping by!

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