Discovering My USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

For the last few weeks I have been researching expanding my paintings and investigating ways to be a succesful art entrepreneur. Over and over I’ve read that one needs a Unique Selling Proposition that would bring value to one’s work and propel sales. Then I came across a post by Natalie Sisson, The Suitcase Entrepreneur, on her post about “How to Use Your Personality To Stand Out Online,” Day 12 in her current blog challenge, which I joined to improve my skills. (

In this post, she poses the following:

Here are some questions to ask yourself and others who know you to develop your USP:

  1. What are you better at than anyone else?

  2. What do you enjoy doing the most?

  3. What do (or could) you provide that no one else is providing?

  4. What annoys people the most about your industry or blog area?

  5. What is remarkable about you?

  6. Do you have an unusual combination of elements?

  7. Do you have a big personality?

Now write your USP statement. Take action. 

I racked my brains for my very own answers – what’s distinctive and unique about me? I also had to question “What do I do that people would actually want?” Regarding a big personality, well I am quirky, but not too way out! I know what I love to paint, but would anyone else really find it as pleasing as I do that would make them want it on their walls?

Humph! What a question this is. I toyed with several and it’s when I got to the question “Do you have an unusual combination of elements?” that the idea popped into my head: My name and the play of words with the real meaning of subjects I like to paint. All in one!! The word was Serendipity –  and my name Sarron lends itself to the name Sarrondipity! There may be lots of Sarrons out there – well in France anyway – but they aren’t all artists and I am the first!

So the idea was born and I became quite excited! I could paint a series of works under this name; all depicting instances of serendipity; that one moment where something could be life-changing – like a meeting, an event, a discovery – a myriad of things. It’s the big chance around the corner. It’s the chance happening! It’s luck and coincidence! It’s when you’re looking for something and find something else! It’s happenstance!

There are so many possibilities to work with and I am sure these types of paintings would get people thinking.

Joining The Dots Of Serendipity

When we spend a little quiet time reflecting on our lives, we can begin to see how serendipity could come into play to bring us to people, places and events in our lives. Sometimes, analyzing an important event, we see the elements and people that led us to finding it.

Launching Sarrondipity!

The dots seemed to join on this very concept for me – the one question in Natalie’s blog brought the germ of the idea which led to the creation of such a concept, and I hope answers some of the other questions too. I’m seeking a new outlet so I’ll be brave and go with this one! It’s worth a try at least!

So today I announce the birth of Sarrondipity and I shall post the paintings in the series as they are completed and put them up for sale. I have two already which I’ll show you now.

I Hear You My Brother

You may have seen the first painting painting titled “I Hear You My Brother” already on my blog. In this piece, I have tried to capture an instant when two people share a moment together. The original photo was in black and white and was taken in District 6, which still has controversy surrounding it today. I decided to paint it in black and white to enhance the racial aspect of the story being told, as well as the time it took place when South Africa was struggling under Apartheid.

I don’t want to relay a story other than one the viewer may relate to of their own, but I think it’s serendipitous because it shows an unlikely friendship and sharing in that moment between two people who were not even supposed to communicate, and it leads me to ask “What meaning did this encounter hold for either of the two men?” or  “Which one found it most remarkable?” or “Did either of them feel a shift through its occurrence?”

South Africa has come a long way since then, but the horrors of the country’s history are not forgotten, and this picture portrays there truly can be a unity with all people.

Girl at windowThe second painting is called “Girl at Window,” where a pretty young woman stands in her negligee looking through the blinds. We ask, “Is he still coming?” or “Is she watching him leave?” Simple in concept, but thought provoking all the same as the viewer feels empathy for the woman, lonely but desirable.

The Challenge

Serendipity is perhaps not an easy topic to depict, and I have felt a wobbly or two! But think about it, an everyday occurrence of a chance meeting at a bus stop could be a turning point for someone, or perhaps discovering something in Grandma’s old trunk that reveals the truth about some secret, or even brings about an idea that you could implement to change one’s life.

I read once about a woman who discovered her Gran’s journal of natural herb remedies, which the lady created into a beautiful book and made a fortune! That’s serendipity for you!

The more I think about it the more I realize the possibilities are endless. How to  transfer these ideas onto canvas in a simple setting and be visually attractive in one scene is the tough side – but I have a creative mind and this problem is always the artist’s first job.

I’d Love You To Get Involved!

I would appreciate any assistance I can get from you my readers, and would like to request your participation in any of the following ways:

  1. Send me some ideas of your own on serendipity situations
  2. Send me some serendipitous circumstances which happened to you
  3. Send me pictures – only originals please that you have copyright for and agree to let me use for paintings, not any from any public material or site. These pictures should be of any situation you feel fall under the serendipity theme and if I like it, with your permission, I would then interpret it in a painting.

Are you keen? Our very connection could be serendipitous on its own, who knows!!

What I’ll Give Back in Return

As a gesture of gratitude for your kindness in supporting me with this, I would mention you in follow up blogs on how this is all turning out, with a link to your website/blog/ Facebook Page etc and if I select your idea/photo to create a painting, I will send you a high resolution picture of the final painting for you to print out.

If this takes off successfully, I shall launch a campaign on social media where people can vote for the best picture and win a print of it. I shall then send a print of this painting to the person who supplied the idea initially!

I’ll Take Happenstance Thank You!!

Luck, coincidence, whatever it is, I will give it a go! Let’s make it happen!

You can contact me on my website: or email pictures (good resolution) to

I look so forward to hearing from you and interacting with you on my quest to make my USP unique and distinctive! Together we can make “Sarrondipity” a huge success!


By karenlongden

I am an Artist, art tutor and Author


  1. What an absolutely fantastic blog this is – I read every word and savoured each one. Very interesting – thank you and your paintings are ”magnifique” … I particularly like the ”I hear you brother” – there is so much ”behind” this painting and leaves one in deep thought.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words! I am delighted you enjoyed the post and that the painting resonated with you! Thanks also for your constant support, it’s much appreciated.


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