I Have Launched a Creative Campaign on Indiegogo

I am shy and not always too brave, just like the heroine Lucy in my story Cactus Jam! However, I have taken my head out the sand and I have launched a campaign on Indiegogo; a crowdfunding site helping people obtain funding to make their dreams a reality.

Could an ostrich teach us to change our behaviour and go after what we seek? Lucy does just that in the Cactus Jam trilogy.

It’s not really ostrich behaviour that has made this project 16 Years in the making and still not published or produced, but it is a long time to wait for a dream to be realised.

Cactus Jam started out as a picture-book, later developing into a 13 part script for an animated TV series. I also wrote a script for a feature film, but unfortunately none of these have yet been produced.

My intention is to create a product which would generate an initial hype around the Cactus Jam brand and a following, which could in turn spur on the progress of the making of a film or a TV series.

My plan is to adapt the entire story I wrote for a 13-part TV-series into an E-book version, as a trilogy, and sell the three books on Amazon and other portals.

The E-books would be designed to a high standard with many illustrations and interactive animations to make the reading experience a lot of fun. Children all over the world would be able to download the E-books on

Kindle, ipad, other reading devices or on their computers. I envisage the E-books to be very attractive with interactive animations to make the reading experience joyful, whilst they learn also of the different cultures in the world through the eyes of the story’s protagonist, Lucy.

You can see the campaign here:


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