Creativity has no boundaries – if you can see it, you can make it!

Imagination is the only thing you need to begin the creative process! The possibilities are endless. The way we can juxtapose and combine ideas together are the source of new inventions and as you can imagine this leaves scope for infinite creations. To inspire your originality take a look at some of these cool ideas from other inventive people.

Today I am posting a few ideas I found imaginative, creative and highly original.

Objects made from Recycled Goods

These are a few examples of how these creative people have made treasure from old items and recycled them into art.

1) Magpie Art Collectives specialize in creating chandeliers, lamps and jewellery from recycled glass bottles or yoghurt containers, bits of plastic, mosaic, scraps of mirror, toys, charms and copper wire. They are situated in Barrydale, South Africa, but have even sold two chandeliers to the American president and now hang in the White House.

2) Hugh Hayden created this chair from old tennis balls. See more of his creations here.

Art made from Waste products

I have discovered many examples of creativity of this kind, where artists create pieces using,  post-it notes, stamps, gum-balls, fruit and veggie sticker labels, computer parts, buttons, corks, pencils, playing cards, cook-drink bottles, plastic and toothpicks. Here are two examples:

1) Junk Mail

Sandy Schimmel, an Arizona artist, decided to put the heaps of junk mail she received in her post box to good use and creates beautiful, vivid mosaic pictures. Schimmel’s artwork are mostly portraits. To see more of her artwork click here.

2) Post cards

Scottish artist David Mach creates amazing artworks out of thousands of postcards. To see more of Mach’s works, go here.

Imaginative Baking

I discovered this amazing cake with polka dots hidden inside that  I want to share. It just goes to show that if you can see something in your mind you can find a way to make it happen. Deborah Stauch is the lady behind this cool idea. Discover how to make the cake and many more like it on her blog Once-Upon-A-Pedestal. Click here to read more.










I hope you liked these innovative discoveries and they inspire your creative juices. Let me know what you create from your imagination so we can share with others.




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