Promoting Your Art in Only an Hour a Day

Do you ever think or tell others, “I really want to succeed in the art world, but I just haven’t got the time to spare from painting or writing to do all the marketing”?


You, me and a million others! We aren’t all fortunate enough to have the money to hire someone to do our marketing for us, and I know from my own character that I suffer from being too single-focused, and if I’m marketing then I’m not painting and visa-versa. I just can’t muster the enthusiasm to spend hours on the computer promoting my art if I am in the middle of an art piece. Similarly, I am less inspired to paint or write when I am marketing.

I found that three weeks can pass without a brush in my hand, and I could see the number of new “likes” on my Facebook Art Page, or comments on other online sites have decreased when I do paint, so I knew I had to change my way of being and I HAVE to do the two simultaneously.

I paint every day (when I’m not thankfully taking work to buyers or packing it up to send to them) so why can’t I market every day? Because if I don’t promote my work, there’s no need to spare any time from painting to send off bought paintings as there won’t be any!

If you’re at all like me, you may want to try my new strategy – which is that I will not start painting every morning until I have spent a maximum of 60 minutes online doing self-promotion. What’s one hour a day? 60 minutes a day to bring double the results. Not impossible, is it?

This is my strategy to get it done in that time:

The first 30 minutes – and no more!

  • Facebook: – I only respond to new comments on my art and thank the people who have been kind enough to like my page. (It’s too easy to get involved and start watching the YouTube shares etc, so I ignore them until the evening)
  • Twitter: – I thank the new people following me for doing so and if I have something to tweet I do it then. (On the day I post my weekly blog, this gets automatically tweeted.)
  • Mail: – I respond to messages from people who have viewed my art on Art Social media sites and approve comments sent for moderation from my blog.

The next 30 minutes:

  • I upload any new painting pictures to the sites I am featured on, and my own website.
  • I see if there are any interesting discussions on Linkedin which I may wish to contribute to, or to make connections. I always respond to their accepting my request (on Twitter and any other portal too) as it creates a more personal interaction with that person and certainly assists in making you more memorable and professional, and in the long run the person is more likely to view your website or blog or follow you on Twitter, Google + or Facebook.
  • I check out what’s new and trending on the circles I have joined on Google+ and add comments or share interesting posts. This all helps you getting your name out there as well as being informed with what others are doing! It also drives people to your own website or blog and inspires your own work. Sometimes you even get good ideas for paintings or even a marketing campaign you can implement to attract an audience.
  • I read one or two blog posts from other artistic people or view other artists’s work and comment on their posts. It is important to write something of value to the Blog Authors or Artists, not just “I love your work,” as it attracts these people to view your own blog, website or featured art in return.
  • Once a week I write my own blog, or sometimes I write two or three at a time over a weekend and set them to be published on the days I want. (A nice WordPress feature!) Having your own blog brings lots of new visitors to your site and gets your name out there too. Of course, sometimes you are too engrossed in getting a project finished or for whatever reason you can’t get to doing it weekly as planned, but try and post as regularly as you can in order to keep the subscribers coming and your voice out on the net!

60 minutes up! Good Job! Now it’s back to the easel or your writing, and while you work on your next masterpiece, someone out there across the globe is looking at your previous work and leaving comments for you to reply to tomorrow!



8 Replies to “Promoting Your Art in Only an Hour a Day”

  1. Good strategy Karen. I’m also totally naff at self promotion. (Can’t get into Twitter no matter how much I try and haven’t even got a FB author/artist page) I’ll go check yours out now though. :)

  2. Thanks JRow for stopping by! We artists need more time to create! I know how easy it is to let the day run away with us on the computer instead. Give it a try! I’m sure you’ll find it brings the marketing and creative sides together! Happy painting and I hope you visit me again!

  3. Karen, Thanks loooking at and following my blog. I’v been at this place of “where do I go from here ?” I found this post and the post ” Seek Representaion Or Go It Alone?, Most helpful ! Thank-you, for sharing this !

  4. Karen, I have read many ‘formulas’ and have yet to find one that I can adhere to. Seeing this line ” (It’s too easy to get involved and start watching the YouTube shares etc, so I ignore them until the evening)” in your post has me knowing exactly what my problem with time management is. This post is very timely for me as I intend to get organised in order to be more productive.
    Because I also have books to promote, I decided to put aside my art for 6 months in order to make a dent in sales and exposure. The 6 months is up at the end of September :) yikes! Gotta go now… :D

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