Which Art Work Has Stopped You In Your Tracks?

Somebody asked me the question the other day, “has any piece of art overwhelmed you when you first saw it?” I wanted to answer “yes, hundreds,” but when they insisted on me choosing the most impressionable, I had to dig deep. It came to me quickly… the image etched in my brain sprang forth in all it’s glory!

“John Singer Sargent’s ‘Smoke of Ambergris’” I replied smiling.

It’s the mood and the colours I think. The painting exudes a sense of serenity, almost as intoxicating as the Ambergris smoke itself. She is so exotic in the North African setting and clothing. When I learned that Ambergris was believed to ward off evil spirits and also served as an aphrodisiac, the painting took on an even greater meaning. To me, Sargent’s work is brilliant.

I could post a blog every day for a year of all the paintings I love in the world, and maybe I shall, but I would love to hear which painting brought you to your knees when you first laid eyes on it and has stayed with you ever since?

And please tell me why. I look forward to hearing from you!


One Reply to “Which Art Work Has Stopped You In Your Tracks?”

  1. Hi Karen,
    I love that painting, and all of Sargent’s work. For me it’s absolutely impossible to choose an image like that. I remember last October standing in front of a Rubens in the National Gallery with tears streaming just from the sheer mastery and beauty of it. This happens a lot. (Never take me to an art gallery…lol) :)

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