Art Rocks & That’s What Makes Me Roll!


I believe we are all here to create – even those who think they can’t. I cannot say I can’t play golf if I have never tried! This is true for creativity too. Whatever we wish to create. Cooking is creative – so is gardening.

I am passionate about Art! Truly addicted and single-mindedly attached to anything to do with Art. I love to talk about Art, write about it, follow other people’s Art, read about it and most of all I love CREATING it!

Whatever a person’s field they are being creative all the time. Even in business, people are finding innovative ways to become more successful. That’s an art too.

There are a multitude of reasons I love creativity and here are just a few:

* Creating Art makes me feel alive! It instills a sense of belonging to the bigger scheme of things – a bit egotistical perhaps but it is in the process of painting that I find a connection to the Divine and an intrinsic sense of BLISS.

* Creating Art has taught me to see and appreciate things differently. I not only value beauty in pretty things but also in ugly things.

* Creating Art challenges my brain! As tough as this is sometimes, I love the excitement that comes after the painful process of probing and imagining and experimenting with ideas until that one answer is revealed. It’s a high like no other.

* Creating Art helps me to learn more about myself – about my preconceived boundaries or characteristics of my personality. I have learned where my fears lie and why I procrastinate, which as helped me grow.

* Creating Art has taught me to enjoy my own company – all those solitary hours alone painting and writing have made me somewhat less sociable but less dependent on others also.

* Creating Art has enabled me to express my innermost joys and sorrows.

* Creating Art has taught me about value and about money. About self-worth too.

* Creating Art has taught me that while I hope my work brings joy to others who view it or read it, the truest joy of all is the creative process itself. The Do-ing and the Be-ing are what drive me.

* Creating Art has taught me to hone in and develop my interests and talents. That’s what I can do, that’s what I love doing and that is every reason to learn to do it the very best way I can!


* Creating Art has taught me commitment, dedication and determination. It has taught me the resolve and fortitude to carry a project through to the end – whatever the result.

* Creating Art has taught me to live a life of Passion and that must be the most important reason of all! Art is just amazing! Art is the Alpha and Omega in my world – ART Rocks and it’s Art that makes me roll!


2 Replies to “Art Rocks & That’s What Makes Me Roll!”

  1. I am glad you liked my work, Your enthusiasm is really evident. Its strange art is so different for me, its a compulsion that I can’t live without and until I have satisfied it I fell unsettled, more like the thing that centre me than the hight you describe. When I am drawing or printing I become so involved I don’t notice anything around me.

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