From Wannabe to Gonnabe

Joining the WordPress “Post A Week Challenge” created another idea  – one I hope you’ll join me on!

It all started with two questions:

  1. What do I really want to be?
  2. How am I really going to get there?

Seeing that creativity is what really drives me, what I really want to be is the best I can be creatively. I know that by succeeding here I will be living the best life possible. “Great!” I say excited at this promising potential, (where success for me means making my living from my artistic endeavours, not necessarily becoming famous, although that would be a bonus!) but immediately another question springs into my mind: Where does my strength truly lie and how do I find my own voice, so unique and original and yet authentically me?

I am sure you’ve asked yourself these same questions and I understand the very pain lurking in your innards while the question whirrs around in your mind.

Remembering my words in a previous post “To be A Winner You Need A Mission,” I set about deciding what that mission is and wrote pages of notes on every aspect of how to achieve the success I want for myself. These notes gave birth to the idea of breaking it down into small bite-sized tasks in order to start a step-by-step program, rather than an overwhelming task at the onset, which I doubted I would manage.

From there I decided to write these steps in weekly posts, which may be helpful to readers on their own, but the idea and prospect of having others on the journey with me filled me with excitement and anticipation, so I decided to create a challenge – the CreativeJoyRide Challenge.

Although creativity is a personal journey and we are all passionate about different aspects of creativity – some like Cooking or creating Crafts while others are passionate about SongwritingCreative Writing or Painting or do Woodwork or a myriad of artistic and inventive activities, the basics to getting started and following a road to achieving the goal of creating something is the same. I am going to give you tips and hints and questions to ask yourself in finding your own voice through the weeks that follow. I will suggest projects and activities to develop and strengthen your creative and intuitive traits, teaching you to trust yourself and therefore reach your creative potential. What a Joy Ride!!

All this said, I now give you The Challenge:

The CreativeJoyRide is a 10-week Journey – a ten-week Guided Tour as it were to leaving the “Wannabe” behind and reaching the “Gonnabe.” What an Adventure! (If it proves well supported I may extend it by adding an advanced program.)

This week is the introduction week – giving “Wannabe’s” a chance to enroll and prepare for the journey! We set off next Tuesday with the first Creative Joyride information and activity guidelines.

Each “Joyrider” embarking on this adventure challenge with me can pledge to commit to the program. All you have to do is to add your comments on this post telling me these two things:

  1. Which area of creativity are you passionate about? What do you “Wannabe”?
  2. What do you wish to achieve? What are you “Gonnabe?”

I offer my services to interact with you personally  over and above the blog posts if you wish for assessment on your assignment or any further advice. My goal is to get as many to reach theirs as possible. And it’s FREE – because I love creativity and I love helping others!

I am looking so forward to ‘travelling’ with you! It’s so much more fun with others rather than alone, so go on –  become a Creative Joy Rider and get enthusiastic about changing your life! This trip could take you far without even leaving home!


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