To Be A Winner You Need A Mission

“Why have I got this old and still not achieved my ultimate goals?” I’ve been asking myself lately – becoming somewhat desperate, I have to admit. The answer came to me last night…and from the strangest source.

I was watching American Idols – (we’re behind the USA by a few months in South Africa,) where the competition is down to the last four. They had Jamie Fox mentoring the show and he had the ingenious idea of giving the participants one of two T-shirts, depending on whether he thought they were real future “Artists” or just “Contestants”.

This resonated with me and it suddenly occurred to me that here these young people are fighting for a breakthrough in their careers and at this crucial stage in the competition, had to really elevate their performances to another level to stay in the running. I realized that I too am behaving more like a “Contestant” and not fighting for the title of “Artist” in the show of my career. I have to take both my work and the marketing thereof to a higher level. Just GETTING BY is not really what I want. I want to be top of my game – I want to be a WINNER!

So the obvious first question is how do I elevate this to the next level?

The answer I got is this: what is your ultimate MISSION?

I considered this, and saw myself in a completely different place to where I am right now. In order to get there I instantly understood that I have to start and think more expansively. I have to drop the fear – (we hear it in everything that fear is our only barrier) and I have to be my true self. Rather than be influenced by what others tell me I should do, or rather than be influenced by the other Artists I admire, I must express my OWN voice to really be worthy of that true “Artist” T-shirt.

Then, in a self-help book I’m reading (see, more evidence I’m really looking for answers!) I read this formula: THOUGHTS – ACTIONS – RESULTS.

“OK,” I thought, “I must Think more expansively, and then Act more expansively. I must try imagining expanding my world to include new people, new places and new activities to generate fresh ideas. I should expand my world and my vision  – I must ultimately think BIGGER!”

We have to have a MISSION, for without it there is nothing to strive for. We have to put our hearts and our spirits into this mission, prepared for the long, hard road to fulfillment. Mission is the most important aspect in undertaking any task or calling. We must first know what our objective is and then aim for that goal.

No more excuses – no more reasons why not – surely these are what separate the winner from the loser. Winners see what is possible and make it happen. Their actions in going after it are what make them groundbreakers in this world.

I want similar results – as I am sure you do too. So come on folks, let’s stop procrastinating – let’s do this together. Let’s decide what it is we really want to achieve and with the same courage of those young participants on American idols, let’s make it happen!

What’s YOUR mission? How big do you think? Let me know what you really want to achieve. I’d love to hear from you.


6 Replies to “To Be A Winner You Need A Mission”

  1. Really a great blog this! I have for a long time used this discipline and now finally it has come to me but more because I have learnt along the way and needed those learning curves (unfortunately) to get to where I am. In essense I am 100% behind what you say and the ‘positive’ side is probably the most important of them all…..good luck and keep us posted as I’m sure your life is going to turn around!

  2. Thank you Monique for your kind wishes. it’s when one distinguishes what one really wants and that change is necessary, that we set the wheels in motion. Congratulations for having already done that! I’m going to catch you up! I’m glad you liked my post and hope you visit my blog again.

  3. What a superb blog!! Thanks so much for sharing Karen. Reading this, reminded me of a couple great quotes I read in Putting Your Dreams to the Test, a book by John Maxwell, he says:
    “If you aim for nothing, you’ll hit it every time”
    He then follows it up with: “If you aim for the stars and miss, at least you may hit the moon”.

    Another superb book that has helped me on my journey from ‘contestant’ to ‘artist’ is Three Feet From Gold by Sharon L. Lechter and Greg S. Reid. It is a simplified version of the Think and Grow Rich Book. In this book, they highlight the Success Equation: (P+T) x A x A = S.
    (Passion x Talent) x Association x Action = Success.

    I am so glad I found your Blog Karen, you are an exceptionally talented writer. All the best on the book.

    ~10% of your attitude is determined by what life hands you, 90% by how you choose to respond – Napoleon Hill

  4. Yes makes so much sense. I think my mission is to master watercolor and to teach others to do the same and to promote watercolor art in particular. i love the medium so much and I love inspiring others too.

  5. Maureen that’s a wonderful mission and I’m sure you’ll achieve great success. Watercolour paintings deserve their place in the artworld along with the rest and what’s really more important than the medium itself is the JOY derived from creating the art, so you go girl and inspire others with your passion!

  6. Shan, thanks so much for your kind words and suggestion of books on the subject – I will certainly try and get a copy or two to read myself. You too are a wonderful writer – have you got a blog?
    I love your formulas too! Also the 10/90 rule is appropriate in everything else too. Let’s all “Think and grow rich”!! All the best on your journey too and I hope you visit my blog again.

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