Using your Brains – all three of them!

PET scan of a normal human brain
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I held an Art workshop last weekend on the “Secrets to Creating a Great Painting,” where I introduced the theory of applying our different forms of intelligence to our creative works, which I thought I’d share in today’s Blog.

I want to start by saying what incredible beings we are!  We have three brains! Yes, we do. The first brain, the Left-brain, is used for reading, writing, speaking and logic.  Linguistics, mathematical logic and Interpersonal Intelligence are associated with this side of the brain. Inter-personal Intelligence is the logic you use to interact with other people; that logic you use in the manner you behave with those around you – as you have learned is a correct or acceptable way of treating others. People who use mostly their left-brains would choose jobs such as Writers, Lawyers, Scientists, Teachers or Accountants.

The second brain, the Right brain, is used for interpreting pictures, art, music and other spatial and non-linear aspects in life with creativity and imagination. People who use mostly their right brains would orient towards jobs such as Designers, Architects, Artists or Filmmakers for example.

The third brain is the most powerful of our three brains as the knowledge from our primitive brain is stored there. This is the Subconscious brain. Our primitive brain is most like that of an animal’s brain – it does not think, but rather reacts, fights, flees or freezes. Research shows that this part of the brain relates to Intrapersonal Intelligence. This is really crucial in what I want to express in this Blog, as Intra-personal Intelligence is how you interact with yourself – how you perceive yourself. Could it be that this Intra-personal Intelligence is what ultimately determines whether you’ll be a success or failure in life, love, health and money?  I wonder this because if the subconscious brain is the most powerful brain and affects our reactions in pressure situations, it also affects our thinking and our bodies – where we can develop illness or disease through negative thinking, or even ‘freeze’ when it comes to making a decision and not being able to take any further action for fear of making a mistake. This fear holds us back and we fail in our endeavours.

Those amongst us with a high Intra-personal Intelligence have the ability to control the subconscious brain’s urge to flee, fight or freeze. Police Officers, Paramedics or those working in Hospital Emergency Rooms, Fire-fighters, Racing Drivers, Soldiers and actually all of those who are Entrepreneurs in business are professions requiring tremendous control under stress and best for people with a strong Intra-personal Intelligence.

We think differently when our subconscious is controlled by fear and it’s important to learn to choose your subconscious state of mind. Everybody is capable of doing this and can develop to control our subconscious to assist in decision-making and overcome stressful situations. We have to change our belief system. We have to start believing we are more capable of doing things than we currently perceive. We have to have faith in our own abilities. “I can’t draw”, or “I have no original ideas” are unfounded arguments and only stem from a person’s fear or lack of faith in their capabilities. These types of arguments portray a conflict between that person’s logical and illogical minds.

In my opinion, this stems from school, where we are expected to be left-brainers. We believe that nothing other than academic  subjects will get us good grades, and if we don’t get good grades we won’t ever get a decent job. While it’s obviously a good thing to teach a child to train their logic in mathematics as well as their understanding and command of language, I think it’s important that our right-brained Intelligence is also stimulated. Presently, it appears to me, that left-brained people run the world. This frustrates me, as I ask, Why? Because I am more of a right-brained person you all consider me a moron?

It frustrates me because every single thing that exists stemmed from someone’s creativity in producing that invention – even scientific inventions. Any left-brained Scientist must have also tapped into his or her right brains as well as subconscious brains to bring it all together, surely? This brings me to believe that we all need to learn how to use each part of our brains to be successful.

Now where does this relate to success in Art, you’re asking?

My answer is twofold: Firstly, now we have grasped the idea of the three-brain-intelligences, I want to ask you to apply them to your creative work. All three: the logic, the imagination and the subconscious.

The second answer pertains to Subconscious and Unconscious. There has been much consternation over these two words, but I’ll explain it as simply as Subconscious is ‘not thinking’ but reacting, while Unconscious is what one is ‘not consciously aware of.’

I believe that creating art enables us to tap into our Unconscious and our Subconscious. We have the ability to bring into reality what we don’t even know we know! These can make valid contributions to your work. Sometimes we think we’ve made a mistake – but have you ever considered that this ‘accident’ could be the very essence of your creativity; stimulated through your Unconscious and Subconscious minds?

Have a look at the difference in the size of the Subconscious brain in relation to the other two. Look at just how much potential there is for an expression of that Intrapersonal Intelligence within you! Combined with your creative right-brain and the logic and sense of order of your left-brain, what you can put on paper or canvas or into music or a book is LIMITLESS!

Have faith in yourself and drop the fear and the doubts of your abilities. Use your logic in creating a balanced design (song, poem etc) according to what you’ve learned and then let your imagination take you where you long to go! Your success is yours for the taking and every little bit of your success has the butterfly effect on all the people you interact with and it is this – this simple truth – that is capable of changing the world!


4 Replies to “Using your Brains – all three of them!”

  1. Thank you for leaving a comment on my poem…Alike as you said in this these two digital corners…In reading this post I found it even more peculiar however that I have written another poem called “We are Animals” which touches on this subject in a similar way. We as higher industrialized, integrated, beings have , for the most part (not all mind you) lost sight in the harsh realizations that we have needs. Needs not associated with luxuries, which, unfortunately is the way most live these days, without humility. That being the precedent, I did have a edge of irritability within.

    When one loses all luxury, needs come back into focus…and it seems unjust and cruel as they have been living only for wants never having the priviledge to appreciate needs.

    This calls the action the message of the poem…We are all animals when stripped of our luxuries…When we need food, water, and shelter and we have none. Reality is we would regress greatly if not banded together and survival kicks in and needs must be met..

    Bear in mind this is not a poem on on creation vs. evolution at all…Just a reminder to few that we are very lucky, however never forget that person A (Peasant) and person B (Celebrity) are the same when starving, thirsty, and cold…even violent…We are animals when needs have to be met…just an exploration…

    I very much like your site…I will be a return visitor I assure. I hope you return to The Mind Canvas as well…Do check out some of my other poems under my Tag, Randy Sturridge. I will be subscribing and following your site. I, as you said, do explore these areas as well, and others impulsively…Thank you and hope to communicate and collaborate as free thinkers now and in the future

    Randy Sturridge

  2. Hi there Marinelareka
    I just want to thank you for your kind comments on my blog, Creativejoyride. It’s always good to hear positive responses, so I appreciate you taking the time to write something. Have a great weekend. Karen Longden

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