Art is a Wonderful Communicator

This week I uploaded some of my paintings to various Art portals, and was pleasantly surprised by the flow of positive responses to my work.

As it so happens – and I believe this always happens when we are looking for answers – I was in a quandary about what sort of painting themes to focus on.

I love Surrealisticstyle art but there is a smaller market for it, and I am tired of painting African faces (even though they have sold well in the past). It seems the viewers who took the time to visit my posts and comment on my work have answered this dilemma.

The piece that inspired the most responses was the one below – so thank you to all those unknown angels – you have put me back on track! This kind of theme…this emotive kind of work is perhaps the way to go. For a while anyway, until I get itchy feet again!

This  Oil on canvas painting, entitled “I hear You My Brother,” depicting a very good friend of mine; the picture was discovered one evening when we were looking through his old photo albums and I knew this picture just had to become a painting! It speaks volumes in its simplicity…


One Reply to “Art is a Wonderful Communicator”

  1. Enjoying your art very much Karen and still have to get to CT to see you. It’s so heavenly in Hermanus that we feel we are on a continual holiday and don’t what to go any where! I have family in Hout Bay so I’ll have to make the effort some time soon!

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