The Adventure Starts Here!

Inspiration is a breath away!

Hello and Welcome to my Blog!

To most, Art seems the unfathomable ability of a chosen few, those bordering on genius. Many people are too embarrassed to enter a Gallery to look at Art for fear of appearing ignorant on the subject. ‘I know nothing of Art History,’ they think, or entertain thoughts such as ‘I don’t know what I am supposed to see in the work to understand what the Artist was trying to say.’

This belief system is unjustified and while some people make careers from their art and are followed and revered, the pure joy of creating it is within each and every one of us: we are here to create: Music, Inventions, Paintings, Needlework, Sculpture, Poetry etc, etc and also, we are here to create a happy life.

Creative forms will be discussed in greater depth, but my introduction to this Blog is to awaken my Readers’ urge to create and by so doing, through following the stages and trying out some suggested activities, discover a balance and harmony in every aspect of their lives.

I believe creativity is within us all– we were born to create and it’s by listening to our intuition and by learning to trust it that we are capable of turning good ideas in

2nd third of 19th century
Image via Wikipedia

to amazing reality!

So allow me to stimulate your creative spirit, inspire your ingenuity and playful inventiveness, help you develop your vision and imagination, impart some original skills and techniques so that you may Master your own Creative Power.

Hopefully with suggestions from my followers as the Blog grows, I too will learn more through the process.

So let’s embark on this together! Who’s joining me on my Creative Joyride? What an adventure it’s going to be…


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